Our Products - Cotton Canvas

PVC Laminated Tarpaulin and PVC Coated Tarpaulin



Tarpaulins can be supplied in any sizes and in any designs fitted with Eyelets (Rings) either of Brass or steel or Aluminum.

Tarpaulins are usually used for covering Grains (food), all types of store as well as for shelters from rain / sun and cold/hot climate.

100% Polyester Yarn with PVC Laminating Or PVC Coated

Colour: Green, Grey, Red, Orange, Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, White, etc......

Mesh: 18X12/200D X 300D/0.35mm - 0.40mm Thk, 17X18/420D X 420D/0.50mm - 0.65mm Thk. 1000D PVC Coated Fabric.

Size: 6ft X 50mtrs/Roll and all kind of sizes of PVC Tarpaulin Sheet c/w Eyelets all round.


Features: anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-cold, high printing quality, retains original color, and easily absorbs ink.

Use: Unique effect computer printing, lantern fabric spray drawing.


Uses: awnings for house terraces and store shops; materials for building facilities and establishments.

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